Internship Programme
Equitable and inclusive development denotes an equal to human rights and opportunitiesby people without any form of discrimination. At ASK we work with NGOs, bilateral and multilateral organisations, in our quest to achieve and sustain visible equitable and inclusive socio-economic development.
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Publication: Paper on ‘Participatory Approaches’ Published By: ‘Participatory Approaches to Development’ published by Indo Canadian Agricultural Extension Project
Written By: Dr. Aqueel Khan and Steven Caswell Publication: Book Titled ‘Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in Development Organizations’
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Written By: Khilesh Chaturvedi (Co-Author) Publication: Paper on ‘Making Evaluation Use Focused’
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Internship Programme

Overview: The ASK internship programme is an initiative that was developed to meet the needs of aspiring development professionals who wish to build the capacities and understand the development sector at depth. The internship provides students and individuals with an opportunity to gain practical work experience in a field related to their academic programme or research area, provided it is under the scope of work at ASK.
ASK considers the internship program to be a wonderful opportunity for mutual learning.

Interns benefit from the extensive experiences of ASK as an organisation in the social development sector, and gain the opportunity to learn and grow through firsthand experience, and through the knowledge bank that ASK is. At the same time, ASK truly appreciates the new ideas and experiences that interns bring with them, adding value to our interventions. ASK receives applications from various parts of the world such as USA, Switzerland, Japan and Canada as part of the Internship Programme. Our internships can be customized to suit the applicant’s requirements, and period of internship can be decided upon mutually.

Program Description: Interns are free to choose to work with any of the programme divisions, based upon their interests and objectives. Once the choice is made, internswould be expected to develop a comprehensive understanding on the planning and implementation of their projects.It is expected that interns are able to identify and structure a role for themselves under the projects chosen, corresponding with their overall objectives. ASK Action For Inclusion provides interns with the opportunity to work under one of our own projects concerning marginalized communities.

One could choose to be involved in planning for the next phase of a project, writing proposals to enhance the reach of the target group, network with government and non-government agencies, multi-laterals or bilateral for the cause, etc. ASK would be happy to provide its guidance in helping interns reach a conclusive decision.

Qualifications: Typically Interns are undergraduate or graduate students studying in the area of social work, social sciences, social development and other related disciplines. Interns must be interested to work in the development sector in India, and be eager to learn from the field realities. In addition, they must be able to work fairly independently and demonstrate initiative and flexibility to effectively benefit from the internship programme.
Language skills: Interns should be able to read, write and speak English effectively. The ability to

converse in Hindi would be an added advantage. The language used by the communities under the ASK Action For Inclusion project areas is Hindi, while the language of communication in the head office is in English.

Financial Considerations: The ASK Internship Program operates on a non-remunerative basis. Since ASK is a self-supported NGO, we charge a nominal fee to facilitate the internship programme. The costs connected with an intern's participation in the Programme must be borne entirely by the nominating institution, which may provide the required financial assistance to the intern; or by the intern, who will have to obtain financing for subsistence and make his or her own arrangements for travel, accommodation, etc. during the internship period.

How to Apply: Interested candidates may submit their internship application forms together with their Curriculum Vitae, and a general statement of purpose to indicate why an internship is being sought, and what is expected from the experience, along with areas of interest. The application must be sent with the subject “Internship Programme” to

Some of Our Interns Have Come From:

  • Foundation for International Training (FIT), Canada
  • Groupe Investissement Responsable, Canada
  • Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
  • Verité, USA
  • Princeton University, USA
  • Indiana University, USA
  • Wharton University, USA
  • AISEC, Switzerland

From The Interns:

Karl Jeker, Intern from Switzerland – AIESEC: “…Working for ASK was a very special experience for me out of various reasons. First of all, the internship allowed me to gain an insight into the various social groups that exist in India. During the internship, I got to work with professional university trained social workers, I got to interact with exporters from Moradabad and I got to know the local people from Rehmat Nagar. A very special memory for me was being invited into the houses of some of the local social workers, something rarely allowed to men from outside the family that enabled me to get a diversified insight into the various spheres of Indian society. Secondly, working for ASK was a lot of fun. There was an excellent team atmosphere and I really enjoyed being able to work with such an entrepreneurial boss as Dr. Aqueel Khan. I also enjoyed being able to participate in the stimulating discussions.
Lastly, the work was very rewarding and testing at the same time. On the micro level, it was very rewarding. It was a great feeling to see how one can make bigger and smaller improvement in people’s lives. At the macro perspective, however, it seemed that everything one does is just a very small drop on a hot stone. But that brings me back to one thing I really liked about ASK. From the very beginning, the questions of replicability, up scaling and sustainability were kept at the center in developing and evaluating all ASK interventions. The internship at ASK was a great experience for me and I would recommend it to all (looking for such an experience.) ….

Mallika Ahluwalia, Princeton University: “…..Working at ASK was a great learning experience from start to end! The organization was very open to my inputs in tailoring my project to my interests, and I was given a lot of independence in its execution. The internship completely avoided the clerical tasks that many of my friends had to undertake during their internship’s with other NGOs. Instead I was involved in a great mix of field immersion and research activities to write a program evaluation for one of ASK's projects. In addition to the interesting work, the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the office and field site made me comfortable immediately. I have definitely come out of this internship having learnt alot about the realities of developmental work.”

Our expertise  comes from our team of multidisciplinary experienced professionals, with academic backgrounds of Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Human rights, Development Communication, Extension Education, & rich field experience.
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